I have been interested in agates for 30-40 years. Although I have collected both agates and minerals abroad in a number of countries I am always drawn back to collect here in Scotland.

As well as the agates you see on this website I have a large number of self-collected mineral specimens from Scotland in my collection. I have been everywhere!....all over this country looking and often finding some of the amazing suite of both common and unusual minerals in this geologically diverse small country. It never ceases to amaze me what is simply “out there” to find!

Collectors always want the “best piece” and sometimes here it is has been a challenge but by careful research and dogged determination I have found these “best pieces”!

This avid collecting has also resulted in a lot of surplus quality material that I am now making available to buy on the Caledonian Rock Shop. Initially this will be an eBay Shop but later this will expand to its own website, so watch that space?

Caledonian Rock Shop is operated by Dagmara Lesiow who is a Polish Geologist based here in Glasgow, she is a very keen collector! She has a long history of both collecting and dealing in quality minerals and agates and she is now turning her attention to quality Scottish minerals and fossils.

Please follow the link in the Title above to see what we have?

David Anderson

November 2018


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