Latest Finds

This hobby is all about “the fun of the chase” and finding new material either from well-known localities or new finds from previously totally unknown places. It also about talking to other collectors, museum collections or even random lucky events where serendipity means you find a beautiful specimen from a place that you never thought you would….I have had many such finds!

I will post here some images of new material as I find it. Sometimes the agates will be polished but as often as not they will simply have been found then cut….others images may simply show the agate in its “raw state”.

Here I will indicate approximately when they were found but no actual details of exactly where.

The agates shown here are therefore ALL from Scotland and are specimens I consider to be good or even exceptional. Most of them will be my own specimens but I may also post specimens from other Scottish collectors with their permission.


12th January 2017


31st January 2018


6th February 2018


8th March 2018


24th July 2017


11th August 2017


24th March 2018


30th April 2018




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