This poster was produced for the “Scottish Mineral, Fossil & Jewellery Show” in Glasgow on 14-15th March 2020. Dagmara Lesiow, owner of the Caledonian Rock Shop and myself, created it. It is A1 size printed on high quality matt black paper.

We selected 30 beautiful Scottish agates mostly found in the previous 2-3 years. These agates have not been seen before on this website, in my book ‘Scottish Agates’ or indeed any other publication or online. The photography is by myself. © Copyright 2020.

The agates featured are from localities throughout Scotland including:

Dunure, Ayrshire coast
Isle of Rum
Ferryden, Montrose, Angus
Binn Hill, Glenfarg, Perthshire
Cheviot Hills, Scottish Borders
Barras Quarry, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
Burn Anne, Galston, Ayrshire
Carsaig, Isle of Mull
Middlefield, Cupar, Fife
Ardownie Quarry, Monifieth, Dundee
Ethiebeaton Quarry, Monifieth, Dundee
Balmerino, Fife
Lunan Bay, Montrose, Tayside
Scurdie Ness, Montrose, Angus
Moonzie, Cupar, Fife
Thorntonloch, East Lothian
Usan, Montrose, Angus
Turnberry, Ayrshire coast
Normans Law, Fife

Copies of the poster can be purchased at the Caledonian Rock Shop.

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