Scottish Islands

The Scottish Isles provide the agate collector with many opportunities to visit a wide variety of beautiful countryside varying from remote places where encounters with others is rare indeed to localities close to human habitation. The pace of life seems slower than on the mainland, due to the constraints of ferry timetables and weather fronts in addition to the accessibility of roads, shops and accommodation.

The islands possess many agate locations. For sake of simplicity these are grouped into six areas:
The Isles of Arran, Mull and Iona, Rum, Canna and Eigg, other Scottish islands and lastly the Shetland Islands. I have also included the peninsula of Kintyre here for reasons of geological setting and location.


Island of Arran Kintyre
Mull and Iona Rum, Eigg, Canna & Skye
Shetland Islands    


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