Path of Condie and the Ochil Hills

The andesitic lavas continue in a broad arc around Perth, and agate bearing localities are found to the south-west around the Path of Condie and along the southern face of the Ochil Hills. The Path of Condie is a very old established collecting site. Agates were reported to have been found here at the time of construction of a military road by General Wade during the Jacobite Rebellion in the early 1700s.

There are a number of productive sites at the Path of Condie and during the 19th century a small quarry was excavated to procure agates for the lapidary trade. Most of these quarries have long since been filled in but agates can still be found where andesitic lavas are exposed in rocky outcrops. “Float” material can be found on cultivated land and in the burns.

To the south-west, a further Ochil Hill deposit lies with an almost unbroken band of rock stretching from Blairlogie to Dollar. Agates have been found here but tend to be rather pale in colour do show some concentric ring pattern but can have rather odd shapes. Agates from certain glens here have been described including walnut sized amethystine fortification agates, carnelian geodes and some smaller opaque lilac coloured eye agates.


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