South of Dundee on the other side of the Tay Estuary Fife is probably one of the most prolific agate-producing areas in Scotland. Within a triangular area bounded approximately by lines drawn between Newburgh, Cupar and Tayport is found probably the greatest concentration of separate sites within Scotland.

The range of stone types found within this area is unparalleled.
It has also been an attractive location for generations of students of geology as well as those more specifically searching for cryptocrystalline materials. With its extensive beaches, rolling farmland, intricate hills and attractive small towns Fife also boasts one of the most pleasant natural environments in Scotland and therefore supports a large and thriving tourist industry.

The agate localities in Fife include the beaches, ploughed fields and some, mainly small, quarries. Colors range from the intricate blue and white fortification agates from near Norman's Laws, the green moss agates from Scurr Hill near Balmerino to the exquisitely red, yellow and white small stones from Middlefield Farm near Cupar,

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