Middlefield Farm

Middlefield Farm is situated to the north-east of the town of Cupar in central Fife. This is a long established locality that produces some of the most extraordinary brilliant yellow and red agates. Of the several field associated with the farm agates are abundant is about three of them and despite collecting over hundreds of years they can still be found. The underlying bed rocks below the farm are sandstones but it is thought that the occurrence of agates here are due to outliers of agate bearing volcanic lavas penetrating this sandstone at depth. The agates are usually fairly small ranging in my experience between 20 to 60mm in diameter and can have exquisite colorful and vivid markings not found in any other agates elsewhere in Scotland. Many specimens contain highly contrasting white and red banding, and this and the bright yellows and reds referred to above, are typical of stones from this location.

Agates from here are probably some of my favorites that I have ever found in Scotland, they can be small but the colors, contrasting banding and structures are spectacular.


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